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Maybe Selena Gomez is dating neither of those people. Maybe Selena Gomez doesn’t need to love anyone but herself. And while it’s fun to speculate about which cute boy she is dating, it stops being fun when people start saying that a 23-year-old is “very, very single.”So, that’s it for today. Much like in the rest of life, when it comes to Selena Gomez’s romantic status, the only thing we do know for certain is that nothing is certain.1Dreamboy 2 is a One Direction dating sim game where you get to interact with the five One Direction members: Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, Zayn Malik and Niall Horan. (Says the jerk who’s been speculating about a 23-year-old’s love life for three days.)Maybe Selena Gomez is dating Justin Bieber.

The idol can only be your boyfriend upon a successful date.

Back in 2010, the country was lacking a band for teenage girls to throw their knickers at.

The group performed their final US show at the Staples Centre on August 10, and Sophia was in the audience alongside Liam’s parents Geoff and Karen and his two sisters, Karen and Ruth, after travelling more than 5,000 miles from her Wolverhampton home to be by his side.

Sophia was later seen mingling with the likes of Little Mix and Louis Tomlinson’s current girlfriend Eleanor Calder in a VIP section reserved for the band before accompanying Liam to a local tattoo parlour.

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