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The accounting principles to be used for the preparation of these returns and the annual financial statements of the institution are, unless otherwise specified, to be in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles, the primary source of which is the Handbook of the Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants (reference subsection 308(4) of the Bank Act and subsection 313(4) of the Trust and Loan Companies Act).

A subsidiary of the institution incorporated in Canada, primarily engaged in dealing in securities, that was an established business enterprise acquired by the institution subsequent to changes in the Bank Act in 1987.

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These transactions have the appearance of adding to the capital base of the issuing institutions; while in reality, they only increase the degree of interdependence of all the financial institutions involved.

For the purposes of the reporting manual, without restricting its general meaning, the word "bank" includes any foreign institutions in whose name the word "bank", "banker" or "banking" appears, except an international institution or agency such as a development bank or an official monetary institution.

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The definitions in this glossary apply to the Reporting Manual for Deposit-Taking Institutions and are not necessarily applicable for other regulatory or legal purposes.

The amortized value of securities held for investment is computed by adding an amount to (or deducting it from) the average carrying value of each issue at the end of each amortization period, which results in the carrying value equalling the par value if the security is held to date of call or to the date of maturity.

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