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So far, no one who was inside at the time of their date has commented publicly on where the pair sat, what they ate, whether they appeared flirtatious, or even whether–as has been suggested with other mysterious dates–this particular mystery man was merely a ruse, to distract from Kourtney’s real date…someone already waiting inside.The absence of details has led to a bounty of gossip, some of it very entertaining indeed.

However, though she appears to be far from her final word on the subject, it looks like Kourtney is firmly dedicated to what Justin has on offer.

A new Inquisitr take suggests that the fires of she and Justin’s passion for each other burn as hot as ever–and that’s exactly how the two want it.

"I just got out of a nine-year relationship," she recently said on . She likes him and he likes her and they're seeing where things go.

"I think the last thing I probably need is anybody in my life." IS KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN USING JUSTIN BIEBER FOR HOOKUPS? "[Lina] wants to protect him right now," a source told E! She's well aware of Scott's past and knows 'he's going through a lot personally.' She's told friends he's a really good person." Do you think Kim and Khloe have a right to be mad at Scott?

In less entertaining news, it seems Kourtney might be growing farther apart from former partner Scott Disick–and that Scott might be headed back down a very rough road.

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