Racism dating preference

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It is also likely (although I wouldn’t want to assume the worst) that those stereotypes are related to horrifically racist and sexist Orientalist notions of The East.

So no, merely being attracted to mostly people of a certain race or other isn’t necessarily racist.

I noticed there was a lot of talk about stereotypes of submissive women and whatnot, and that wasn’t really part of my question. I’m kind of opposite the commenter “samgardner(9)”, who says it’s less about physical appearance and more about personalities.

I’m perfectly aware that “East Asian” people are just as diverse as any person of any other race. I only put it there because the ethnicities to whom I find myself the most attracted to happen to all be “from” eastern Asia. I think this was alluded to in your comment section, but it’s wrong to say that I think there’s at least one trait shared by *ALL* people of East Asian ethnicities. However, there clearly has to be something, I assume one or more traits, shared by many or even most East Asians, at least comparatively so than other ethnicities.

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