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The introduction messages we send on your behalf are always custom tailored to the woman in question. We also avoid in-depth “getting-to-know-you” type correspondence. In other words; In-person chemistry still required. Hand crafted to get her number, and give her the opportunity to meet you. Using proprietary in-house technology, we run regularly scheduled automations for turning the tables in your favor, getting the women to come around looking for you. For those brand new, just for lunch style daters, or for non-performing profiles, we can tailor your hours away from mass messaging, in favor of spending additional time working on your photography referrals, profile refinement, and date coaching.Unlike other dating assistant services, you’ll never have to worry about getting called out on an embarrassing “copy & paste” job. In keeping our banter light & flirty, you’ll be able to deliver the more personal details about yourself, live & in-person. As for our approach to messaging, we use a best-of-all-worlds blend of strong mass messaging, and delicate follow up correspondence. Not to mention, women who viewed your profile previously are 76% more likely to respond. Which, you won’t have many of after you’re on board with us. Because every woman & situation is different, it’s natural to seek out advice from a dating expert. For the majority of profiles that are already getting some results, our standard offerings come pre-tuned out of the box for intermediates. Wherever you’re at, and whatever your dating goals, we serve so you can enjoy.After our pimping process, the % response rate to your dating profile goes up, helping you stand out amid the crowds of commoners.

Simply put, we know what approach works best, and where. She’ll get to know all the key points about who you are, bring to light your most attractive qualities, and better understand the kind of women you’re interested in.

Next, your dating profile writer takes everything we learned from your Personality Deep Dive, and re-writes your profile from the ground up, using our data backed ‘Attractive Archetypes’ profile modeling.

I get that, so I can’t steer individuals away from these options.

Still, what bothers me is that it seems too often services like these don’t accurately portray the person.

There are hundreds of online dating sites out there, but we only focus on the best ones, which actually yield results for our members. The number of dating profiles we write & manage for you depends on your membership plan. Whatever you’re into, we already know the best sites to find it. Pimp my Dating Profile is a premium makeover, where we will apply our proven best practices for online attraction to your existing, or brand new profiles.

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