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Power, money, and fame, according to the dominant narrative, make it possible for men to sleep with any woman they want, but what happens when the women they want are still in high school?

He died in a car crash which happened north of Los Angeles, on Saturday afternoon. Specifically, people are asking who was Paul Walker’s girlfriend in 2013 or 10 years earlier.

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There was just a discussion on Twitter about Kelly's behavior and the broader issue of sexual assault against black women and girls using the hashtag #fasttailedgirls.

Created by Mikki Kendall and Jamie Golden-Nesbitt, many women who grew up in Chicago shared their stories of seeing R.

Frankly, what young girl wouldn’t jump at the chance to be with someone like R. He's rich, handsome, and famous — three traits most teenage girls would like to have in a partner. Well, many think these young girls would be lucky to attract the attention of someone in the entertainment industry.

The problem is exactly that though — whether this behavior is distinctly predatory or just a one-off case of "young love," it's not okay.

(A rep for Paul Walker denied that the engagement rumors were true, but did not deny Walker was dating Pilchard-Gosnell, who was 19 at the time.) Though the rumors might be false, they do bring up an issue that is all too ignored in Hollywood: Male celebrities whose illicit, and potentially illegal, relationships with underage girls are ignored, and often celebrated.

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