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But if she needs a university or Starbucks to fuel her creativity, the nearest city that has both is 200 miles away.Geography can pose a challenge, so Miller tries to make Farmers Only a place where members can find social solace even if they’re not finding dates. Made in Swiss pine, with a cream coloured ground, also with marbling and painted with vases of flowers.

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Imagine a sweeping blue sky over green and gold fields spreading up to a horizon ringed by mountains.

The nearest human not related to you by blood is miles away.

Most dating sites have complex mathematical formulas behind their matchmaking questionnaires.

In a recent Ted talk, OKCupid founder Christian Rudder explained that his site assigned every question points depending on how important the answer is to the person taking the quiz. “If you have a huge thick file of data on someone, you miss out on the joy of surprise. The rest is an adventure.” Farmers Only men often post photos of their tractors and pickups.

“Most farmers either marry a high school sweetheart or meet a spouse in college.

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