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"If automakers were half as good at making efficient cars as they are at fighting new environmental and safety laws, they'd all be enjoying record profits," said Dan Becker, director of the Sierra Club's global warming program.

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"It is an opportunity to at least get the accurate data so we can start talking about climate change reform.

Illinois legislators today introduced a long-awaited massive energy bill that would provide subsidies to keep nuclear plants and coal plants running and introduce a controversial demand charge, along with fixing the state’s Renewable Portfolio Standard, increasing energy efficiency investments and other measures.

The excise tax, they added, aimed to recoup royalties lost on production due to an error by the U. Interior Department under the Clinton administration. Senator Max Baucus, a Montana Democrat and chair of the Senate Finance Committee, dismissed criticism of the package as "political rhetoric that has nothing to do with the facts." The plan is needed to jumpstart an aggressive push toward more renewable energy and help the United States become less dependent on foreign energy sources, said Baucus.

He added that the package "is very balanced, very fair and will not create the horrible results claimed here.

The White House has voiced concern over the mandated increase in fuel economy and threatened a veto because of language in the bill imposing stricter penalties on oil companies for price gouging. lawmakers, and the Senate bill only passed after a compromise was reached over the fuel efficiency provision.

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