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No matter where you call home, the dating game is tricky. Imagine how hard it is to answer those questions in a foreign country.The same troublesome questions always come to the fore: should I text him already? Every culture has different rules and conventions when it comes to dating. It’s completely normal for a guy to just approach a girl and ask her out, and it’s also considered standard for him to pay on the first date.

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Usually it’s the guy who does the asking, whilst the dates themselves are organized events with sets of understood codes and conventions. Dating multiple people, even initially, is frowned upon, with Brits looking more towards traditional attitudes of etiquette and chivalry to impress a girl.

This may seem conservative to some, but really, it’s meant as a way of showing respect and not coming across as too forward.

Here are 8 dating customs in other cultures we should follow: 1.

Family Matters In the US, our dating custom is to bring a girl home to meet the parents and friends only when the relationship becomes serious.

Men in France are more relaxed and not afraid of girls. Maybe this is why women find the French to be enticing.

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