Dating troubleshooting

As a result, lack of mouse functionality is expected behavior.Solution: Avoid using Virtual Machine Connection within a Remote Desktop Connection session until integration services are installed.

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The video titled Hypervisor is not running error: How to fix demonstrates how to change the system BIOS on a computer to enable support for virtualization ( After making changes to the system BIOS, restarting the computer is sometimes not enough for the changes to take effect.

In some cases, you will need to completely turn off the computer and then turn it back on.

Cause: The virtual disk that serves as the system disk is attached to a SCSI controller.

Solution: Attach the system disk to an IDE controller. Cause: The virtual machine is configured to use a physical CD or DVD as the installation media, and the physical drive is in use.

The state of the virtual machine will be listed as “paused-critical” in Hyper-V Manager.

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