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prete ) is derived from the Greek presbyteros (the elder, as distinguished from neoteros , the younger), and is, in the hieratical sense, equivalent to the Latin sacerdos , the Greek iereus , and the Hebrew kahane .

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Beasts (cows), especially snakes, trees, and lifeless objects, serve as fetishes.

Their offerings consist of flowers, oil, incense, and food.

Nevertheless, since it is the interior spirit that gives a religion its characteristic stamp, we can recognize in these externals, not a true copy of Catholicism, but only a wretched caricature.

And, since this religious compound undoubtedly came into existence only in the fourteenth century, it is evident that the remarkable parallelism is the result of Catholic influence on Lamaism, not vice versa.

The Buddhist redemption is merely an ascetical self-redemption wrought by sinking into the abyss of nothingness (Nirvana).

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