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We believe you deserve to find love - true love that comes with a lasting relationship.

I was/am quite capable of looking after a house and three kids (including cooking and laundry) but for some reason, the ladies had the idea I was looking for a housekeeper/babysitter... Its very hard to find someone if u don't go to bars or don't seem to get out.

Single ladies with a child isn't as bad as what ppl let on to be kids are amazing. Chris V said "Trust me, it's not just guys who "run for the hills" when kids are involved.

Ok, this is likely a topic that's been covered many times!

About 6 months ago I got out of a 6 year relationship. Is it just it incredibly hard to date in Brandon?

They approach dating in a thoughtful way, focusing on quality, not quantity. That's the refreshing essence of Brandon and there's a lot of love in the air.

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