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The collaboration was inspired by two separate lectures, samples of which are integrated into a looping 20-minute audio track. Its high status and rarified aesthetic is easily inaccessible and exclusive — it is an older tradition, with massive audiences who sit together in vast, ornate rooms.The first lecture about Graham Harman, Louis Zukofsky, John Cage and the sample-as-object (by King), and the second about Timothy Morton, Giorgio Agamben and The Pancantantra (by Picard) provide an ambient background text about nature and object oriented ontology. King and Picard are interested in the potential for that form to be appropriated, reduced, tweaked and recontextualized as a one-on-one event, in which humans may or may not be present. This piece was performed on November 19th, 2012 in the basement of New Capital, in Chicago, Illinois.. Instead Stephen Fiehn and Bryan Saner occupy the entire stage with a series of coordinated movements from the original piece., ACRE TV‘s stream is being benevolently hijacked by four exciting media organizations for the month of June. TV archive lives on forever in a perpetual “re-run”. These events are taped live with a crew of cameramen, sound engineer, and video mixing team in front of an audience.

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Since opening night of Live on Air, Barbour and his team have been broadcasting segments from the dining room and the kitchen on Periscope and Facebook.

If you look closely at the bottom of the menu, you’ll notice some fine print explaining that diners may be photographed, and the restaurant has the right to "use your likeness, mannerism, and voice without compensation or credit." Customers can also get 10 percent off their checks if they decide to be interviewed on camera.

THE 90’s has been preserved and made digitally available by Everywhere we turn, we find a territory of nonhuman things.

It is impossible to escape the trace of others—from material structures (plants, machines, animals and objects) to those all but invisible bodies outside the bounds of human perception (atoms, molecules, pollution, viruses, satellites, planets, etc.).

Tying these projects together is a spirit of fun and experimentation in broadcast forms, on a human scale. The episodes will be played back to back from June 1 – 7, 2015. taping might include encounters with world famous talking vermin Ratso and Li’l Ratzo, co-host Miss Mia, and any number of traveling musicians including Lemmy, Bobby Conn, TV on the Radio, Sonic Youth, Patti Smith, Sky Ferreira, Wesley Willis, and GZA.

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