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Although she was planning on taking Mommy on Nude Day, she also decided to see how many new pets she could add to her growing collection in two weeks.

She hadn’t actually added a MILF, teacher or classmate in a couple of months, so it was time to go back on the prowl anyway.

“Good girl,” Chloe moaned, watching yet another MILF submit to her.

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“The video is just for my private collection.” Chloe grabbed the mortified MILF’s head and pulled it back into her fevered cunt.

The mother desperately tried to figure a way out of this as she resumed licking.

” “Noooooo,” she whimpered, furious and yet undeniably horny.

“Suuuuuure,” Chloe mocked, as she molested the head cheerleader from her rival school.

A couple more minutes of licking and Chloe was close.

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