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It’s partnered with the thrill of having a tangential connection to the team’s success, even if she was unwilling to give away freebies after Louisville won the NCAA title in 2013.

As to whether the allegations are true, the book doesn’t provide much in the way of hard evidence.

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But if the entirety of the circumstantial evidence—the screenshots, logs of phone calls, text messages, receipts, and diary entries—were fabricated, either as a part of an incredibly complex extortion plot or as a way to cobble together a libelous tale for a quick buck, it would mean Powell is a fabulist of such skill and expertise that it would make Stephen Glass look like Edward R. The NCAA, the local police, and the university are conducting investigations.

Head coach Rick Pitino has denied being aware of any of this, offering a tepid defense of Mc Gee, saying he had spoken with him personally, but “at no time did he own up to what’s being printed right now.” A slew of former Cardinals have either claimed ignorance or declined comment.

But if you’re inclined to e-pick up a copy of Breaking Cardinal Rules hoping for gobs of titillating, naughty prose and graphic depictions of athletic feats of sexual prowess, you might want to look elsewhere.

As a whole, it’s a pretty muddled clump of writing, but what does emerge is the grim, day-to-day slog of sex work—the fears of getting robbed, gigs falling off, and circumstances that forced Powell to return to low-paying straight jobs, leading to growing frustrations with Mc Gee.“Having sex with the recruits had its ups and downs,” she writes.

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