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Queer Student Union (CIO): Website or Facebook page Sigma Omicron Rho (Queer & Allied Gender-Inclusive Fraternity): Facebook page or contact Zee (President) Open Athletes (CIO): Facebook page UVA Pride (Faculty, Staff, and Graduate Student Network): Website Queer Grads: A social group for LGBTQ graduate students at the University of Virginia.

Each semester, we organize several social events, all of which are open to members as well as friends, significant others, and allies.

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Chat Room #1, “Value, Labor and the Quantification of Art Work,” with James Coupe, Dorothy Hayword, Christopher Paul Jordan, Christ Bell, and Sienna Shields. What seems to escape their notice is that all the tech is just the delivery system. I’m more interested in looking at the Internet as a tool that we project our normal behaviors into—on which we all do what we would always do.” For instance, are any of the anti-millennial screeds published in reputable magazines from a long Facebook rant written by some other grumpy stranger?

Northwest Film Forum, 1515 12th Ave., 329-2629, And cool, fancy new delivery equipment doesn’t make what’s being delivered worthwhile.” This kind of shallow appraisal of technology, whether couched in tired millennial critiques that use the word “gewgaws” or not, rubs Minh Nguyen the wrong way. Is it any different than a person screaming in the streets of the physical world?

The LGBTQ Center is staffed Monday through Friday by student volunteers.

Volunteers work in teams of two to maintain the Center and answer inquiries.

What is an original painting worth if you can just reblog an image of it on Tumblr?

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