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Hartley sounds like a benevolent dictator in a three-piece suit, cheerful as the day is long, but a master alpha, "this is a very special job.

" I have no idea what he's talking about so I say: "Sure, absolutely, I got it--" "This is a unique opportunity for you, David.

Grandmothers enjoying sex-86

And for this job, it's very important that you understand that the client will be celebrating her eighty-second birthday." GULP!

Seriously, though, you are being given as a birthday present to a wonderful, charming, sophisticated, mature woman." Mature. We believe that preparation is essential to success. Hartley's Uzi of a laugh rattles around in my skull. That's exactly why I thought of you when this job came in.

But I think it really matches your skill set." My mind races.

"David, this client, who I must emphasize is extremely important, has decided that she wants to treat her friend to a very special birthday gift.

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